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Week 8 – Following the trail

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The weather this week was unusual. We had few days where it was cold and damp[^winterhate] and some days when it was a bit warmer. This Thursday the sky was mostly sunny and the temparatures were in the 50s’. Some of my coworkers decided it was warm enough for a quick photo walk along the trail behind the mall near where we work. I always bring my Nikon D40 to work but decided that the only camera I needed was my iPhone 4.

There wasn’t much to see at first. Mostly brown patches of the winter beaten woods. We walked all the way down to the gezebo near the back end of the Panera[^stoppedforcoffee] where I found this little patch of color. I applied a new filter app[^lovefilters],[Painteresque]( that I am addicted to.

[^winterhate]: Most of my friends and family know that I’m [not a big fan of winter](

[^stoppedforcoffee]: We walked about half a mile so we stopped in and rewarded ourselves with coffee.

[^lovefilters]: I love [Instagram]( for displaying these photos.

Week 8   Following the trail %name

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