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Week 44 – After the storm …

I fell behind in posting my images for my Project 52. Time to catch up.

Week 44   After the storm ..., 20121030 NIKON D40 1271 tonemapped 920x611

It’s the [morning after the storm]( (Hurricane Sandy). The air is cold. I’ve never heard such quiet inside and outside the house. We are still without power. It seems the AT&T cell tower has gone offline. My phone has a no service sign. It’s still dark in the house but I’m well rested and can’t sleep anymore. Shaan is up as well. Time to make the coffee. Are we in the eye of the storm or is it really over?

A large tree has fallen across River Road ( near Blue Spring Road ). The tree has brought down the power lines. I’m not sure if these are the lines supplying power to our neighborhood.