Week 41 : Into the woods, 20121013 NIKON D40 0910 960x615

I went for a walk in Mercer County Park today. I wasn’t alone. I walked with a small group of local photographers — amateurs and pros. We were participating in the [5th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk](http://worldwidephotowalk.com/walk/west-windsor-township-nj-united-states-distance-is-1-5-to-2-miles/). Our walk leader was [Alina Bilach](http://www.alinabliach.com) a well known and respected local photographer.

I attend these photos walks because I love meeting and chatting with other photographers. The social aspect of photography is important to me. I talked to an elderly woman who told me about her son and grandchildren and shooting with wide format film cameras. I talked to a woman who had bought a new camera and needed some help learning to use it. Later at [Brother’s Pizza](http://www.brotherspizzanow.com/Home.html) we found out we both had Type 1 diabetes. I think she is the only adult with Type 1 that I know in the area.