Week 40   The High Line, 20121006 NIKON D40 0821 HDR 960x843

I spent the evening in Manhattan walking along the High Line taking photos. I was supposed to meetup with some other photographers but I missed my train and ended up taking another train one hour later. I took the New York subway from Penn Station to 14 Street and entered the High Line at Grovnesvoort Street.

The High Line is incredible. I don’t know how to describe it. Except for the tall buildings all around and the noise from the street I would have forgotten I was in a large city.

There were tourist everywhere. I picked up dinner — a BLT sandwich — for later and walked along the line toward 30th Street. I didn’t bump into any of the other photographers. One of them, [Gevon Servo](http://www.gservo.com/) was called into work and left early so I sat and ate dinner and did some people watching. I stopped and listened to an old Chinese man playing the mandolin. Sweet music.

It got cold as I approached the end of the line. I then quickly walked the few blocks back to Penn Station. I think I took as many photos with my iPhone as I did my Nikon.