Little "Big Town"

I did not get out much this week. This work week felt like a month and the weekend just started. I know that I have until the end of the night to capture something for the weekly project but I wanted to make sure that I had something. So if you are reading this then you know that I didn't do any photography today. This was taken at the beginning of this week; Sunday.

The photo was taken in Albert Hinds Plaza facing toward the row of shops with the Princeton Public Library behind me and The Witherspoon Grill of to the left.

What I love about this space is that it reminds of similar spaces in a larger city like Manhattan but on a smaller scale. Princeton in many ways reminds me of the Soho neighbourhoods with their boutique stores and cosmopolitan clientage. I am just as likely to hear German, Italian or Japanese while walking down Witherspoon street as I am to hear English. Princeton has an art museum and theatre, a trolley tour company, an Italian market, spice shops and tea souks, and a world-renowned university, and incredible community oriented public library and some of the worlds best scientists and entrepreneurs.

Any of those things can be found in New York but Princeton has them as well, albeit on a smaller scale. In every way, this is a little big town.

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