Week 22 – Eno Terra in the early morning

Eno Terra is one of my favourite restaurants. My wife and I have celebrated our birthday’s and anniversaries here. When my dad was in town visiting a few years ago, he told me he wanted Italian food. I took him here.

My D40 does not have auto-bracketing. I manually adjusted the shutter speed of each of the five shots that were combined to create this HDR. The images (+4,+2,0,-2,-4 EV) were combined in Photomatix Pro and post-processed in Adobe Lightroom 4. I used Snapheal to remove a power line from the sky.

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9 responses on “Week 22 – Eno Terra in the early morning”

  1.  Just look at the colours in the sky and the green of the trees. I hope you enjoyed your meal! Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward for more usable post.

  2.  @arkitekt878 I may have a solution.  See my Tumblr post: http://khurt.tumblr.com/post/24302157792/rocky-hill-inn-and-one-53-these-were-taken

  3.  @arkitekt878 I’m thinking of doing another project using the Raspberry Pi (assuming I get one before hell freezes over).  http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs

  4. Great HDR. I’m lucky my camera does do AEB and I can achieve the same range as you (-4 to +4)

  5. This is such a great photo. Just look at the colours in the sky and the green of the trees. I hope you enjoyed your meal! 

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