Week 11 – Purple Haze

I love gardening. Growing up in the West Indies I was always surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. The island where I was born1 has a now dormant volcano2 but previous eruptions have left the soil dark and fertile. Almost anything will grow on this island without much help. Plant it and it will grow. I grew up with a backyard filled with coconut and avocado trees, and what natives call plum trees3.

I brought that love of grading with me when I moved to the United States but I have nowhere to plant until we bought our first home. I had to learn a lot. The soil in New Jersey is not as fertile and the sort of plants that would grow here are quite different. I had to learn about perennials and annuals and when to plant what and in what soil and with how much fertilizer. It took many years but I think I’m getting the hang of it. Last fall my niece and I planted a whole mess of bulbs. I love watching her face when she comes over to visit and she sees what we created together.

  1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines 
  2. La Soufriere 
  3. A lot of the fruits are imported from the Pacific, some by Captain Bligh on the Bounty

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