Visual Flavor Studio

I have volunteered to work with a group of open source coders and artist to develop a web site to promote the skills of open source web developers and designers. I have not been accepted as a team member but I have been exchanging emails with the project sponsors Christopher (teacoz) and James (squarebottle).

All interested artists and coders should email either Square Bottle or Teacoz. In particular, we could use some web programmers. We look forward to hearing from you!

The goal of the project is,Visual Flavor Studio, is the creation of a community to display the talent of artist behind open source. The interface designers and creative type who add that personal touch to software. It is also an opportunity for the coders to pay respect to the creative.

Put another way:

Let us artists do what we do best to help you programmers get back to doing what programmers do best.

(Via Visual Flavor Studio.)

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