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Video killed the audio star.


I couldn’t agree more. I bought my wife a Shuffle ( just for the heck of it ) when they first came out. She loved it. She still says that it was one of the best gifts I have ever given her. She used it while working around the house or exercising.Now she has a 2G iPod nano and a speaker system (with radio) and the Shuffle has been adopted by my six year old daughter. I recently traded in my 2G nano for a 3G nano with video and I found myself coming to the same conclusion about the Shuffle. Who needs it?

Apple Matters | The iPod Shuffle Will Die in 2007The iPod Shuffle’s debut at Macworld 2005 signaled Apple’s intentions to dominate the low end market and although it was seemingly effective then, the iPod Shuffle will die due to the very intentions of the device. 


Video killed the audio star. %name

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