I dunno. There’s enough work being poured into it and people will just get used to it eventually, I think. I tried it in beta and it didn’t work as advertised, and it didn’t have a very important feature that I’ve come to depend on in the Classic Editor. I’ve installed the Classic Editor plugin for now. I’m going to give it a wide berth, but I will come back to play with it every once in a while. Sometimes, writing software should just remain writing software and not become ‘blocks’ as they’re pushing for.

I feel this article was more of a rant than anything else (I still have to read the entire article to see the valid critiques). Whether or not Gutenberg is a touch-first thing remains to be seen, in my eyes.

As for the main point – Dedoimedo seems to write a lot of words on a daily basis, but he forgets that others have also written a lot. People have produced entire books on mobile/iPad/tablet-with-keyboard. It’s been done many times over. So the idea that touch is not for longform writing is plain wrong right now.