IndieWeb Update

Reads, Listens, Watches, and Editable Webmention Types and Avatars in the IndieWeb WordPress Suite by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

Recently David Shanske and I started a podcast, and he thought it would be useful if his site could accept listen to posts and show them visually within his comments section just like these replies, bookmarks, and mentions. Thus over the past month, he’s added code to the Semantic Linkbacks Plugin to add the functionality for these types of posts to properly render showing facepiles for listens, reads, and watches.

Besides website security, making sure I get the latest features of the IndieWeb WordPress Suite is why I have my WordPress plugins set to auto-update. I am using the entire IndieWeb WordPress Suite. I love the new features!

F1 TV live streaming has technical issues

F1 TV: FOM begins urgent investigation into launch faults - RaceFans

Fans who tried to watch the Spanish Grand Prix using the new live streaming service experienced buffering problems (pictured) and other faults which rendered the stream unwatchable for some. F1 says it has already offered refunds to customers who were affected.

F1 TV presents a significant technical challenge. It involves broadcasting two dozen live streams in 1080p HD quality from a range of different international locations, while also ensuring the footage can only be accessed in certain regions.

I considered subscribing to F1 TV so I could watch races during times when I can't be home at the TV. I was excited when it was announced earlier this year. Then I realized that the system only works on a PC. The F1 website indicates that iOS and Apple TV versions are in the works but provides no release schedule. Given the technical problems that F1 TV are having with the live streams, I think I'll wait until next year to subscribe.

Disabled SNAP and Syndication

Following Amanda's lead I have disabled the Social Networks Auto Poster and plugins and will no longer automatically syndicate links to social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. I am not sure how long this experiment will last or how it will affect website traffic. But I won't know unless I try. I am also leaning toward making Webmention the only form of a comment this website accepts. But I am not ready to do that yet. I want to try using the open source Isso commenting system first.