Q1. If you had to give your pancreas a twitter handle, what would it be? (keep it clean)

A1. iquitinsulin

Q2. If you had to create a twitter bio for your pancreas what would it say?

A. On sabbatical at the South Pole.

Q3. What kind of spam would your pancreas receive?

A3. Get free supplies here:

Q4. What question would you ask your pancreas if it was on twitter?

A4. Did you produce anything today?

Q5. What would your pancreas tweet about?

A5. Looking forward to the day off. Liver is picking up the slack.

Q6. What would be your pancreas’ favorite hashtag?


Q7. Would your pancreas tweet during its honeymoon phase?

A7. Insulin production is way down but I’ve got some reserves.

Q8. Would you include your pancreas in your follow Friday list?

A8. No

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