Frank’s choice of theme for the challenge this week was not well timed. It's not Frank's fault. I saw lots of red, blue or green (RGB) during the last week. Barns, flowers, buildings, clothing. And of course, people.

Sometimes there was an opportunity to capture what I saw. And sometimes, not. I live in an area of New Jersey that is still rural with some historic small towns for neighbors. Princeton; Hopewell.

But my town is mostly homes, streams, parks and farmland nestled into the foothills of the Sourland Mountain Range. Our roads are narrow and lack sidewalks. There are ditches on either side of these country roads. Pulling over to capture a sunset with a farm or open pasture in the foreground means stopping the car in the middle of the road. This is not advisable. It's dangerous and inconsiderate for the other drivers on the way to work.

I could have just taken a photo of some random object with the red, green and blue colors. But that would be throw away photography. I want my photographs to have an impact.

Fog blanketed the area Friday morning. I knew that I could find opportunities for photography. I ate breakfast and left for work early to give myself time to stop should an opportunity present itself. I took a route that I knew would take me past some scenic areas. Princeton Community Park North, the edge of downtown Princeton, Princeton Battlefield Park, Quaker Road.

When I saw the tree, I pulled over into the parking area on the northbound side of Quaker Road near the Delaware and Raritan Canal. The D&R canal is part of the state park system but the parking area is really just a patch of gravel on the western bank of that section of the D&R Canal. The sun was coming up over the treeline and shone through the fog creating a nice haze in the background.

The area where the tree grows is wetland overgrown with thick patches of grass.

After taking the photo I continued on my drive to work. I went back to thinking how I could accomplish the RBG challenge. I suddenly realized that there was another way to look at the challenge. One way, the way that had me stuck, is to take a single image that incorporates all of the colors. Another way is to disassemble; use a different image with each of the colors as the primary colour. One image with mostly red, one with mostly blue, and one with green/yellow.

Red, Flowers, RGB
[exif id="26786"]

I had just taken my green/yellow image. Earlier in the week, I had taken a photo of red flowers on one of the neighborhood trees. I needed blue.

My son is graduating from high-school. He applied to several colleges. Although he did not apply to the program, Rutgers University invited him to attend the Honors College. He’s very excited and so are we.

My son and his friends are enjoying their last year of high school. Today is the senior prom and even though prom is not his thing, he agreed to attend with some of his buddies. They are all nerds. They love Pokemon and video games. Anyway, it was fun to watch them all dressed up and being goofy.

shaan, boys, tuxedo, blue, RGB
My son and his friends.
[exif id="26780"]

Oh wait, what about blue?

shaan, boy, son, tuxedo, blue, RGB
Shaan Joshua Aaron Williams
[exif id="26778"]

Created by photographer Frank Jansen, the Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography. This week's theme is RGB.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge - Red, Green/Yellow, Blue

  1. I love the color and detail within the image, "red" and found myself connected to the image of your son and his friends...their smiles awakened a smile within.

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