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Trey Ratcliff New York PhotoWalk

When Scott told me a few weeks ago in a private message on twitter that Trey Ratcliff might be coming to New York to host a photowalk I was ecstatic.  I made sure that my afternoon schedule was cleared so that I could hop the train from Princeton Junction to World Trade Center.  I knew it was going to be a crowded affair.  Trey is a popular photographer.

Trey Ratcliff New York PhotoWalk, Trey Ratcliff New York PhotoWalk 3

We met up on Courtland Street near the World Trade Center but the first group to arrive were chased off by the police so we regrouped around the block.  I thought this was strange behaviour until I realised we standing in Occupy Wall Street territory and a few hundred people with cameras might have seemed like “trouble”.

We slowly made our way down Broadway.  Trey would stop, setup his tripod and teach.  I find it incredible how much he is able to do for the community of photographers.  I assume he must have been tired after hopping off a plane from New Zealand but he never showed it. He remained patient and gracious.  We stopped for a bit in Bowling Green before finally making it to the waterfront at Battery Park.

I hung out and chatted with photographers from New York and New Jersey.  I discovered some of them, like Daryl Meek lived less than ten miles from my home and made some new contacts.  Later in the evening, a small group of us snuck away to Ulysses’ on Peal Street for some food and drink with Trey.  I didn’t get the chance to talk to Trey directly  — the group was just too large — but I had a great time.

Trey Ratcliff New York PhotoWalk, Trey Ratcliff New York PhotoWalk 8

+Trey Ratcliff and +Scott Wyden