Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Winter

Silver Screen by Mikko Erholtz

My wife and my son love the change of the seasons. I love it too but there is one season I despise. Winter! Brr! Here’s why.

  1. It’s pitch black outside by 5 PM (EST). I get up in the dark and get home in the dark. Ugh!
  2. I have darker skin. Endless days of grey and darkness leads to vitamin deficiency. I have to pop vitamin pills to stay healthy.
  3. The cold. I will now be confined to living rooms, the insides of offices, and cafes, and other stuffy spaces.
  4. I can’t wear shorts and t-shirts anymore. See number 3 above for why.
  5. Shovelling snow. It might be fun to toss around snowballs and make snowmen but shovelling two feet of snow from a driveway, walkway and steps is NOT fun.
  6. Driving in snow, sleet, ice, slush etc. Ever hit a patch of ice while driving down the road at rush hour? Ever lose control of your car and go sliding into a tree or worse, another car. Ever slip on a patch of ice on the sidewalk and fall on your ass?
  7. Flu season. Every fracking year.
  8. Winter clothes are pieces of suck. In the winter I generate enough static electricity to charge an iPhone. It’s very difficult to give myself an insulin injection through a thick sweater. My shoes get damaged from wet slushy salt that then dries and cracks the sides and soles of my shoes. It’s very difficult to use a camera when it’s freezing outside.
  9. It’s all grey. Nothing grows. No green. Just grey skies, grey dirt, grey … it all looks like death and decay.
  10. Lack of outdoor photographic opportunities. Winter gives me a few choices for outdoor photography all of which need me to wear bulky winter clothes and brave the ice cold weather.

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