The Social Media Country Club

But there’s an aesthetic and editorial sensibility that permeates any defined online community that is almost always inherited from its earliest dominant users, and once it’s established, it’s almost impossible to change. Worse, geeks get so enamored of the first two, admittedly important, core values of the social web that they forget the third, and most socially critical, value: inclusion.Anil Dash (Emphasis mine).

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I started down this rabbit hole this morning. I had every intention of just downloading and post processing a set of photos I took last weekend. Instead I started reading an interesting article from my news feed. The article was posted to Medium. I remembered what Medium was and I logged in to see if I could start using the platform. Then I remembered that it was exclusive and closed. That didn’t feel right.

So … I found my way around the Internets looking for reviews of the platform. I found others discussing the exclusivity issue. Which of course led me to more discussion on white flight and white boys clubs.

I think it’s time to go outside, shovel some snow, and spend some time with my son. Time to be truly social.

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