The Lens You Already Have

Roger’s Rants: My Canon/Nikon Mirrorless Camera Unfanboy Opinion by Roger Cicala (LensRentals Blog)

I’ve gotten about 632 texts and emails over the last couple of weeks. About half of them are “I’m a Nikon / Canon shooter. Should I preorder a Z / RF camera?” My answer is generally no. The reason is simple; unless you just have to play with the new technology and have money to burn, wait until the 2nd generation when the prices are way lower, some of the bugs are worked out, and more native lenses are available. (Yes, I’m aware you can shoot lenses on an adapter. You can also shoot lenses on the SLR you already have.)

I enjoyed this.

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2 thoughts on “The Lens You Already Have”

  1. I can only agree with the sentiment of these words. The best camera equipment is always whatever you already have. New equipment doesn't make you a better photographer. Of course, we are still always interested in new technology. If so, it's always better to wait until its been out for a while and been tested in practical use.

    1. Hi Otto. Yes, gear aquisition syndrome (GAS) seems ever present in some photographers.

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