The “Great Facebook” Disconnect.

Sharing to Facebook from Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC Discontinued by Laura Shoe

What you may have heard is true – as of August 1, 2018 you’ll no longer be able to share to Facebook from Lightroom Classic (or from earlier versions, such as Lightroom 6) or from the cloud-based Lightroom CC desktop application. Facebook will no longer allow desktop applications to post to Facebook (using its API anyway, which is how Lightroom has done it.)’s developer, Ryan Barrett removed Facebook support from the WordPress plugin several months ago. Earlier this week Automattic removed the ability of the Publicize feature of JetPack and to publish to personal Facebook profiles. And now Adobe is doing the same for Adobe Lightroom.

I won't miss it. My use of Facebook has dropped off considerably over the last few months. I have also realized that I don't care about publishing links to my blog content to Facebook or Twitter or Google+. I just don't care that much anymore.

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