Terrarium Class at Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. in Princeton

My son Shaan had bugged me for a while to help him make a terrarium. I've created terrariums in the past — before he was born — but I prefer aquariums because I have more experience with that. I've created aquariums since I was his age. I wanted him to do learn on his own but I didn't feel confident in my ability to guide him. Sometimes I can get ... "intense" and ruin the experience. Fortunately I didn't have to. I found out about a terrarium making class being offered at the Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co at the Princeton Forrestal Village store and signed him up. I've used them before to deliver flowers for my wife on our anniversary so I knew we were in for some special treatment. Our host, Georgianne Vinicombe and her staff, Alana and Sheryl, were quite welcoming. We were treated to a spread of cheese and wine (sparkling water for the teetotalers) while we mingled with the other guests. I met a mother and daughter, Amanda, who were taking the class together and a number of other friendly women and one gentleman.

After mingling a bit we moved to the back of the store where Alana and Sheryl instructed us about the choosing materials and plants and the finer points of creating a terrarium in an open glass sphere.

Shaan choose a unique combination of small tropical plants with butterflies as decorative accents. I loved his choice of plants especially the fern. I love ferns.

His terrarium is different from what I've built. I've always used a base of activated charcoal, followed by fine sand or small pebbles topped with soil. For this terrarium, Shaan used two sizes of small pebbles, on top of which he layered potting soil. The sand he used was more decorative than substrate.

At first Shaan had decided that he would decorate with only the two butterflies.

However he had a burst of creativity and decided two add a few more items, including a small blue bird. Blue is his favorite color.

Shaan had fun creating his terrarium. He wanted to stay and do another one but I was too tired from activities earlier in the day. I promised him we take another class which I think is offered in September. Will I see you there?

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