Technological Worldviews

Similarly to consumers in emerging markets, we now have generations of consumers who know nothing but being constantly connected via a mobile device and are extremely comfortable with technology. My kids, for example, have no frame of reference of a world where they can not use a smart device for real time communication, information, and entertainment. This will shape their technological worldview which will open doors for new challenges and new opportunities.
Ben Bajarin

I do see this difference in world views between my kids and some members of the local computer users' group. For some of this past generation of technologist a computer is a box with a keyboard, mouse and display attached. They have very little in smart phones or other mobile devices. My kids on the other hand spend more time on their iPads than our brand new iMac. For my kids a computer is a compact portable device with ubiquitous network access. Being tethered to the electrical grid is an annoyance.

Author: Khürt Williams

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