Take Off Your Skin And Dance In Your Bones

By on December 15th, 2016 in Checkins

Zombies and walking dead. I love zombie movies and zombie tv shows. My favorite zombie movie is World War Z. The zombies move quickly in this film. Scary shit. My favorite zombie television show is the Walking Dead. Slow zombies. The scary shit is the remaining living human beings.

In one episode of the Walking Dead, several characters attempt to escape from their compound via a tunnel. While trying to escape, they encounter a group of rotting zombies. One of the zombies grabs onto one of the female characters. She grabs the zombie in an attempt to escape and the skin of the zombie peels off. Like the way, skin peels off of a boiled tomato.

I don't think this was what Alex, the brewer at Troon Brewing, was thinking of when he named his pale ale, Take Off Your Skin And Dance In Your Bones. I did some more Google foo. I found a song by Les More, “T’aint no sin to take off your skin” that has a few lines of lyrics that are similar to the name of this Troon Brewing ale.

Just like those bamboo babies
Down in the South Sea tropic zone
T ain't no sin to take off your skin
And dance around your bones

Based on the music I heard in the brewery, I doubted that Les More was the inspiration for the name of this pale ale. A few more minutes with Google and I found a song name that exactly matched the name of this Troon Brewing pale ale. Take Off Your Skin And Dance In Your Bones is an instrumental piece from the album Heathen by Thou, an American sludge metal band. You can listen to the song on Bandcamp.

Yep, I think that's about right. Now, enough with the typing. Time for a drink.

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