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October 17th, 2011 - Warm water

After I ate my lunch I realized I had nothing to drink so I took a walk over to the nearby Wegman's to grab some sparkling water. I've reduced the amount of soda I drink but I still can't drink plain water. Somehow the presence of "bubbles" makes water taste better. I don't like the taste of seltzer but I love San Peligrino, Perrier and other sparking mineral waters. Wegman's had a decent set of choices. Except for today. Well … in actuality they had the same set of choices that I see normally but all the bottles were warm. At first, I thought it was just the first few bottles. Perhaps the person who stocks the cooler had just replaced an empty shelf. However, it soon became clear, as I went from shelf to shelf that all the bottles of drink — water, soda, etc — were warm. Not tepid, mind you but warm. Like they had sat out in the sun for a while. I eventually found a bottle of "flavored" water across the floor in another area of the store but I was not happy. I snapped these on my iPhone 4 as I exited.

20111017 iPhone 4 0050