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eero Home WiFi Mesh Network

Someone finally commercialised a configuration I have been using with multiple Airport Express/Extreme routers since 2009. From the eero With eero, you simply plug one device into your modem. Additional eeros simply need power from a standard outlet. They automatically connect to each other to create a single wireless mesh network that covers your whole home. If you already have Ethernet wiring, you can always choose to hardwire your additional eeros. From the article I wrote in 2009 when I…

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How to create a wireless mesh network with Apple AirPorts

Being able to get a robust wireless network signal around my house was something that I struggled with for some time. My Comcast cable broadband connection came in through my garage and basement, so that is where I had placed my wireless access point (WAP). The cable coax connected to my broadband bridge which was then connected to my 802.11n Apple Time Capsule (TC) WAP. The problem was that the wireless signal was not strong enough to reach throughout my…

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