52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 13: New Beginnings

As you can tell if you have read the other post on my blog this week, I have been venturing out to the nearby nature trails in search of early spring wildflowers. The featured image is of Sanguinaria canadensis, commonly known as bloodroot.. The little flowers are the first signs to me that nature had entered a period of new growth after the cold, dreary months have passed. Seeing these wildflowers whose blooms last for a relatively short time give me a sense of normalcy to the health danger we now all face.

I used the rear 6mm f/2 "telephoto" lens which has an approximate 35mm equivalent of a 51mm lens. It's great for portraits but can also be used to "zoom" in on small subjects.

Like most of my iPhone images, this one was capture in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. I applied my "iPhone Filmic" preset in Adobe Lightroom on my macOS. Amy Maranto has given a humorous response to the challenge with an unusual portrait. TiongHan give me a lot to think about in his response to the challenge. He learns a lot about patience and restraint and "the Japanese way". The Only D800 in the Hameau shows us the new growth of the bay leaf plant, an essential ingredient in cooking and cocktails.

Submitted for my 52 Week Smartphone Challenge.