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May 6, 2011 - Garba for Bhupen

Shaadi is a Sanskrit word for a wedding. Next Sunday this couple will be married. By Western standards, Hindu weddings are long, large and complicated affairs involving many and varied religious, cultural and family traditions. Indian weddings are very bright events, filled with ritual and celebration, that continue for several days. The event I attended last night is called a Garba, a kind of dance similar to many western folk dances. I think the reason that Indian weddings take so…

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Summer Wedding

Bhavna's first cousin, Mihir, was recently married to a beautiful young lady, Sonali. The kids were both excited but especially so Kiran. She loves to play dress up and the wedding provided her a reason to change her clothes as often as she wished and wear pretty outfits. I'll have to start saving some big bucks for my little princess's wedding. Nandani and Kiran show off their mehndi.…

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