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Camera Equipment Usage Statistics 2021

Gear Usage Summary 2021 | The Analytics Dashboard For Lightroom

I was in bed reading a blog post by Dan James about what he learned from his Flickr statistics. Probably the main surprise for me was that my most used camera in 2021 was my Realme 6 Pro Android phone. Now of course Flickr only analyses the pictures I uploaded to my profile in 2021, it can’t see all images I shot with all cameras and didn’t upload. ... What do you think was your [most used camera] in 2021?…

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Camera Equipment Usage Statistics

I read a post by Little Big Traveling Camera, which motivated me to analyse my Lightroom Catalogue. Since I switched to using Fujifilm X cameras last year, I have bought only one lens for my Fujifilm X-T2. I am considering buying more lenses but want to limit my purchase to glass that I will most likely use. With that intention in mind, I analysed my lightroom catalogue, which contains twelve years of images from the cameras and lenses I have…

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