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New iPhone Lineup (2018) by The Photog (johndgardiner.com)

iPhone Xs Max (6.5 inch screen) (highest cost)
iPhone Xs (5.8 inch screen) (medium cost)
iPhone Xr (6.1 inch screen) (multiple colors like blue, yellow, red) (lowest cost)
Apple is looking to hit many price points and different levels of the market with these phones. All new phones will have the “...

Hi @Johndgardiner, I think I'll upgrade later in the year to the iPhone XS with 64GB. I have a 128GB iPhone 7 now but I've checked and I'm using about 41 GB.

Frustrated by iPhone Xs

New iPhones and Frustrating Pricing by Jason Sadler (sadlerjw.com)

I am currently using 78 GB of storage on my iPhone 7+. Way too low to justify 256 GB for an additional $210, but way too high to try to fit it all in a 64 GB phone. And I really want the optical zoom capability of the dual camera setup – something I use all the time on my current phone.

I am in a similar bind. I am using just over 70 GB of my iPhone 7's 128 GB. The 256 GB is too much for me. But I want to try the new cameras with the photography algorithm. I think I may settle on spending $1149 (US). But not until after December.