Self Censorship

So don’t tweet. It’s not worth the risk. Don’t make phone calls. You’re being recorded. Don’t send emails. Sooner or later, we’ll all be reading them. Don’t take naked selfies, because some freak will find a way into your phone and share your photos in the seediest corners of the Internet. And the rest of…

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“Free” has a price

The Price of Free by Michael Jurewitz (Michael Jurewitz)

There is no doubt that free can lead to huge user bases and massive adoption. In the face of venture capital or existing cash stores, the siren call of free often sounds like a low-risk bet on future profits. In practice, free is a costly mistake that businesses and small developers should avoid, and users should run away from like the plague.

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From The "Um, What?!" Department

parislemon: Google now asks you to enter your credit card as part of the Gmail signup flow. Bold.… — Robert Cezar Matei (@rmatei) February 22, 2012 This is going to go over well. Wow! I guess Apple has 100 million credit cards and Google wants some of that?

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