April 1, 2011 - Casual Friday

So what is it about Friday that makes it more casual than Monday or Wednesday?  Why are the other days of the week considered more formal? Am I supposed to be more serious on Monday and take my work/life less seriously on Friday?

And why the phrase "Thank God it's Friday"? Most people I know seem just as busy on the weekend. They seem to spend their weekends doing household chores and errands - which in my book is just "home" work.  Some spend their weekend eating out in crowded chain restaurants with average service and average quality food.   Why would anyone be thankful for that?  Some spend the weekend staying up late watching TV or hanging out at bars then sleep in late on Sunday. Then Monday? That's the day to complain about how tiring the weekend was.

Camera : iPhone 4
Software : Camera+ (Clarity scene filter applied)

February 1, 2011 - Tweeting DeVitos

Just after she was "downsized", Katie DeVito founded NJ Unemployed as a means for individuals who are unemployed in NJ to come together and share stories, experiences and struggles.  Katie leveraged the skills she learned organizing and promoting events to launch her own Social Media and Public Relation consulting company just a few months later.

I met Katie and Nick last year first on twitter and then in person during an event hosted by Mrs. G's TV & Appliances.  I started calling them the "tweeting DeVito's".

Ever since then we've met-up for drinks and at other events around the Princeton area.  Yesterday during the #140diner event (at Mastori's in Bordentown, NJ) I captured this shot of them in action.

January 18, 2011 - Things that last

When I was a child my Dad brought home our very first colour television set. It was a Sony. His next TV was Sony. His first VCR was a Sony Betamax ( too bad VHS killed Betamax ). Very early on he planted the idea in my head that Sony made quality electronics.

When I went off to college in 1986 I bought a Sony Dream Machine alarm clock radio. I took it with me to graduate school along with my Sony Walkman. It woke me up for my first day of work. It has sat on my bedside table every night - for the last 24 years. It has never failed.