From WordPress to Tumblr and backagain

Last year I had written to a group of my friends asking for advice on switching my blogs from WordPress to Tumblr.  I had found that managing the plug-ins and updates from WordPress was becoming a lot of work. Tumblr was easier (quicker) to use and had quite a lot of free and high quality themes just right for micro-blogging and photography.

But sometime over the Winter holiday I switched back to WordPress for several reasons. Number one was the fact that the Tumblr platform was completely unstable and was becoming overrun with porn blogs and content farmers. That caused a lot of downtime on the system and quite a few outages. I use OpenDSN as a web filter to protect my kids and the domain was placed in the porn and malicious category blocking my ability to edit/view at home. I couldn't use it at work either since the web filters there blocked the domain for the same reasons.

Secondly, WooThemes, an excellent group of designers making themes for WordPress and other platforms released a plug-in for WordPress that allowed the same sort of blogging that was available on Tumblr.

Thirdly, I won a contest hosted by New Jersey based photographer Scott Wynden1 . I received three FREE professional quality developer themes worth about $350 from WooThemes2. Developer themes can be used on any domain I own.

So I moved my photography blog3, my opinionated tumble blog4 and upgraded my tech blog to a more professional theme. Did I mention WooThemes themes are open source?

I am still working on some of the design elements but at the very least I have no worries about my blogging being hosted along with less desirable content.

Let there be Light!

Many improbable occurrences conspired to create Earth’s human-friendly design, and they would indeed be puzzling if ours were the only solar system in the universe. But today we know of hundreds of other solar systems, and few doubt that there exist countless more among the billions of stars in our galaxy. Planets of all sorts exist, and obviously, when the beings on a planet that supports life examine the world around them, they are bound to find that their environment satisfies the conditions they require to exist.

Stephen Hawking on science and religion