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Isolation Photo Project, Day 27

I am running low on good local micro-brewery craft ale. Up until recently, I have been drinking from the reserves that I had in the beer fridge, but it is running low.

I don't drink "retail" ale, but in desperation, I tried ordering from one one of the local chain liquor stores, the Princeton Bottle King. They don’t allow customers into the store preferring that we order online for curbside pickup. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well. Their inventory system and website are not properly linked. My entire order was cancelled because they didn’t have what I wanted in stock. Two of my orders have been cancelled.

Fortunately, the Brick Farm Tavern has been selling crowlers and growlers and 4-pack cans of New Jersey micro-brewed ale. I was able to get two growlers of Troon ales on Friday and two more tonight.

Friday night, Conclave Brewing offered 4-packs of their ale for sale which I picked this morning. I had a nice thirty-minute drive through the rolling farm hills of Hillsborough and Flemington.

Tomorrow is my Bhavna’s 52nd birthday which also happens to be the 30th anniversary of the last junior-senior semi-formal she attended at Drew University. I was starting to feel sad that we would not be able to celebrate her birthday with a dinner out and the usual ritual of having her family, all of whom live locally, occupy our home for several hours of celebration. I was on Facebook chatting with some of our mutual friends from Drew University1 about vintage Drew U. glassware and remembered that Bhavna had saved her glass from the semi-formal event while drinking a pour of one of the aforementioned Troon ales, I hit upon the idea of hosting a virtual birthday party. One with our college friends and one with her family. Fingers crossed.

Our daughters will be making a cake, and Bhavna has her wine.

Submitted as part of the 100DaysToOffload project.

  1. Bhavna and I met in our sophomore year at Drew.