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Trivedi Family

Ami has been a close family friend for so long that she’s considered part of the family, a sister to Bhavna and her sisters. Ami lives within walking distance of our current home. Ami and Bhavna were pregnant in the same year, and Shaan and Tejus were born three months apart.

This photograph of Ami and Tejus was taken on Thanksgiving day on my younger sister-in-law's patio. I regret not making family portraits for everyone.

I used the Provia film simulation and edited the images for shadow and highlight in Adobe Lightroom.

Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak

The kids have been celebrating the start of the Diwali holiday with their Ami Massi. Yesterday they made rangoli with each of their names.

Happy Diwali—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/2.0, ISO100

Together (Shaan, Kiran, Tejus, Nandani) they decorated windows with coloured markers. They drew Happy Diwali and Ganipathy.

Happy Diwali—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/2.0, ISO141

They lit and placed diyas (rows of lights) on the steps and pathway of Ami's home last night and tonight as well.

Happy Diwali—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 10.6 mm, f/2.0, ISO282

Tonight they lit sparklers.