Water pump

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Our family have been members of the honey brook organic farm CSA for several years. I think it may be over a decade. When the kids were younger, we thought it was a good way to teach them where food really comes from. That it wasn't something that comes wrapped in a cellophane or a cardboard box. We wanted them to learn that farming was difficult hard work. They learned that by being out in the heat and humidity of summer picking berries and tomatoes. And they disliked being buzzed by bees and other insects.

I have photographed the farm for almost as long as we have been members. I have photographed everything including the fields, flowers, the kids picking in the fields, the farm stands, etc. At least so I thought.

I captured this image of the water pump this Sunday. I have seen this water pump many times before but I think this is the first time I have focused on capturing it in some form. There was water dripping from a hose attached to a pump in the back. I took three exposure bracketed images which I combined into and HDR image in Photomatix Pro. I then applied a preset which I created earlier this summer.

The priest is the following.

  • Contrast to 100
  • Highlights to 100
  • Shadows to 100
  • Whites to -39
  • Blacks to 24
  • and Vibrance to 33

I just like what it does to images. I created the preset while people king around in Adobe Lightroom. It really pushes the colours. What do you think?

There's still snow on the ground, Browns Mills, New Jersey

This image was taken at Whitesbog Village in Browns Mills, New Jersey. I was walking with a group of photogs. We walked among a few square miles of cranberry bogs some of which are still functional. There are a few wooden pathways throughout the property at Whitesbogs. Some were still covered in ice and snow from the winter storm from a few two months ago. I was hoping to capture the feeling of cold and damp in this section of Whitesbog.

The image was taken on a tripod with a remote shutter and ND filter. Three exposures were combined into one HDR image. I was attempting to bring out the flow from light to dark and to show how the sun was slowly turning a wintry area into spring.

One challenge was in the placement of the tripod. I had originally placed the tripod on the wooden walkway. However, I soon realized that my colleagues who were walking my way were shaking the tripod ever so slightly. So I placed the tripod into the water just beneath the walkway.

One thing I would have changed would have been the orientation of the camera. I think a portrait orientation would have worked better. I would have captured the part of the sky you see reflected in the water. However, my 18mm (APS-C) was not wide enough to include the snow on the ground in the trees to the right of the water.

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park / Rocky Hill

We ran out of coffee beans on Friday morning. Usually, the subscription from Drift Away Coffee would arrive just around this time, but for some reason is a bit late. Neither Bhavna nor I can start our day without a good cup of joe. When I woke up Saturday morning, the first thing on my mind was acquiring coffee. Buy the Cup in Rocky Hill is the only coffee shop in my area open before 7 AM on a Saturday. Every cup of coffee is $1, no matter what size - 12 oz, 16 oz or 20oz. It's a real bargain, and I have a choice of Rwanda, Columbia, Mexican, and a few flavoured coffees that I refuse to acknowledge. Flavoured coffee is just plain stupid.

I know the owner, Vitaliy, so every trip is a conversation. This morning we chatted for a few minutes about hacking wi-fi networks. The shop is a local hangout for the early morning residents who jog or work in the area.

I drove away from the shop, enjoying the colour display from the trees lining Washington Street. I circled back around headed toward home admiring the trees in the well-kept yards. I drove down to Rocky Hill section of the Canal State Park. I could see that the light was just coming over the top of the Trap Rock Quarry.

I pulled out my tripod and grabbed a few shots in Slow Shutter Cam on my iPhone 6 before my battery quit. I would have preferred to capture the scene on my Nikon, but I recently lost both my SD cards. Shit happens.

I applied the Fuji Astia 100F v.2 preset from the RNI Films iOS app.