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Outsourcing innovation

Stephanie Overby of CIO magazine interviews Harvard Business School professors David Pisano and Willy Shih about IT innovation and outsourcing. Gary Pisano, Harry E. Figgie, Jr. Professor Of Business Administration, Harvard Business School: Just look at what has happened in the mobile communications industry today. A lot of PC companies first gave up manufacturing, and…

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April 22, 2011 - Out for a stroll

Out for a stroll | Friday 22 April, 2011 | Nikon D40 | 35 mm f/1.8 | 1/320 sec at f/3.5 | ISO 200

Shaan and I went out for a stroll around the neighbourhood. We don't often do this, but it is the highlight of my day when we do. I love listening to Shaan's thoughts about life, the universe and everything. At least everything that Shaan has known in all twelve years of his life. Children often…

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