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How silly. The notion that we can have automated or semi-automated cars as long as the driver is watching over them is a dangerous myth. As soon as the car can maintain its speed and keep a safe distance from car’s in front automatically (already true with adaptive cruise control) and maintain its position in the lane properly (already true with lane-keeping systems), drivers will take the opportunity to find their favorite music, to turn to the rear passengers and converse, to read their email, etc. It is a myth that people can maintain control when they have nothing to do for a long period. This myth is well understood in the military and in commercial aviation: it has been studied for well-over 50 years in the field of vigilance (a part of psychology and human factors research).LinkedIn

Designing blogs for readers - Matt Gemmell

I was talking to my friend Evgenia about blogs recently (do say hello, and encourage her to start her own – she’s thinking of doing so), and at this point I should restate something I told her: I think that blogs are for their authors first, and their readership second.

I don’t think there’s any reasonable way, or any need, to separate vanity and ego from a personal blog. Writing is inherently about its author, and is a product of their personality and opinions – that’s not something to be shy about, and we shouldn’t try to change it either. So, write for yourself – and hold yourself to an appropriate standard, because you’d better believe that others are judging the person as well as the piece – but as soon as you publish your views, you’re inviting readers to take a look. I think that the needs of the reader and the author are more aligned than many blogging systems seem to believe. ~ Designing blogs for readers - Matt Gemmell