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First Impressions of First Impressions: Fujifilm X-T4

Image courtesy of Fujifilm.
First Impressions: Fujifilm X-T4 (FUJILOVE MAGAZINE)

The X-T4 is the realized iteration of Fujifim’s two year dream to create the ultimate APS-C hybrid video-still mirrorless camera. This is the most competent digital camera Fujifilm has made thus far, and perhaps the best mirrorless camera on the market today, regardless of sensor size or price. Yes, the X-T4 is that good.

I would love to see images of the X-T4 without the big bulky battery pack. The wait is finally over, but is the X-T4 exactly what we were all waiting for? That's a loaded question. I don't think there is a collective "we" that have the same wants and needs in a camera. What I…

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Point-and-Shoot Cameras are Dead

Looking ... — FujiFilm X100F + Fujifilm @ (23 mm, f/3.2, ISO3200), Copyright 2018-06-23 Khürt L. Williams
Are Point-and-Shoot Cameras Dead? by Take Kayo (fujilove.com)

Don’t try selling to us camera nerds, as we’re buying less and less cameras. The sales numbers are reflecting this trend. To grow the market, manufactures must appeal to a larger consumer group that loves taking photographs. They need to appeal to the younger photographer, and to accomplish that the camera has to be a connected device, as well as offer features that smartphones don’t have or can’t do better.

The article started strong (the virtues of Point-and-Shoot cameras) but then went sideways with a feature list that seems silly when compared to a smartphone. With exception to sensor size, the smartphone checks ALL of the boxes in Take's feature list. The smartphone is compact, light, stylish (hundreds of cases and other items to add…

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