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Summer Wedding—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 12.2 mm, f/2.4, ISO141

Summer Wedding

Bhavna’s first cousin, Mihir, was recently married to a beautiful young lady, Sonali. The kids were both excited but especially so Kiran. She loves to play dress up and the wedding provided her a reason to change her clothes as often as she wished and wear pretty outfits. I’ll have to start saving some big…

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Summer Garden | Sunday 18 July, 2004 | Sony CYBERSHOT | f/2.8 | ISO 100

Summer garden

The kids helped me plant these jalapeno plants back in June. Kiran has been eating the peppers all this month. Strangely they are not tikka (spicy). She did get one hot one by accident, but we do not understand why the remainder is not. [caption id="attachment_66652" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Sunday 18 July, 2004 | Sony CYBERSHOT…

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