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Blue-winged Warbler

I took hundreds of photographs of this bird during the field trip with Ray. I love the bright yellow features and blue-grey feathers. I was even blessed with a warbling performance. You can learn more about Ray Hennessy’s work and signup for his workshops on his website. You can learn more about the Blue-winged Warbler…

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Common Yellow-throat Warbler

I am not sure about the identification of this bird but I think it’s a Common Yellow Throat Warbler. Abundant and well-known, the Common Yellowthroat has succeeded by being a nonconformist. As the only one of our warblers that will nest in open marshes, it is found in practically every reed-bed and patch of cattails…

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Prairie Warbler

This set of images were photographed during a recent Ray Hennessey field trip that I attended. I took a lot of photos of birds that morning. I am still reviewing each shot to find keepers. The birds fly quickly between the branches of the low trees eating insects. When they stopped, I had just seconds…

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