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Verve Coffee Roasters Brumas del Zurquí Natural Gesha

So I'm a bit of a coffee snob. I won't drink instant unless I have too and I get annoyed by the mostly American habit of putting large amounts of milk (or worse non-dairy creamers) and sugar in coffee. My wife explained it to me. Americans got used to the taste of dark roasted (aka bitter) coffee with the cream and sugar make to make it more palatable. If only they would try a lighter -- more flavorful -- roast…

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Quenepa or Guinep

The quenepa is a tree-grown fruit found in a gigantic swath of the tropics: From Florida to Mexico it grows, and across the Caribbean and Central and South America. It is my favourite fruit, by far, because it is a bit like candy. That is why kids adore it, as do virtually all adults who grew up with it, as I did in San Juan, Puerto Rico.Julio Ojeda-Zapata In the English-speaking Caribbean aka British West Indies where I grew up…

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