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Going Full Indie

Reply to Khürt on micro.blog by Nitin Khanna (nitinkhanna.com)

Khürt, I absolutely get a lot of value from my micro.blog account. First of, this is a great community of bloggers, coders, amateur photographers and even one harpist. I’ve found this to be a great continuation of the community I found in app.net, which subsequently splintered into a few groups.

I remember paying for an app.net account. App.net was also touted as saving people from Twitter. Whatever happened to app.net? Could that happen to micro.blog? I am, in fact, thinking of trying to woo some esoteric friends off twitter and onto here, though I’ll be guiding them to use micro.blog for free because the economics…

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Social Data Ownership

Social Networks And Data Ownership by Mayo JordanovMayo Jordanov (Mayo Jordanov)

Asking about data ownership is the right direction, but the question shouldn’t by why the users don’t get money in return, but rather why can’t they view or control all of their data.


We should not be demanding to get paid, just because Facebook makes money off our data, but instead, we should be demanding full visibility into our data. What they have, when it was collected, and who it was shared with.

I think this is the right way to look at this.

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