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Evangelical IndieWeb

Replied to Return to the Open Web! vs Join the Open Web! by Ton Zijlstra (zylstra.org)

Dries Buytaert, the originator of the Drupal CMS, is pulling the plug on Facebook. Having made the same observations I did, that reducing FB engagement leads to more blogging. A year ago he set out to reclaim his blog as a thinking-out-loud space, and now a year on quits FB.
I’ve seen this in a wi…

Repopulating the feed reader? Never left it. Returning to the open web? Never left it? Dumping Facebook? Not gonna happen. It makes me wonder how we can bring others along with us. I don’t think they want to (or care) come along? I shop at the mall because the flea market is a smelly noisy…

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Blogs in the social media age

Read On Blogs in the Social Media Age – Study Hacks – Cal Newport by Cal Newport

A key dynamic driving the popularity of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for example, is the following notion: if you like me, I’ll like you. As I noted in Deep Work, if you took the contents of the standard Facebook or Instagram feed and published it on a blog, it wouldn’t attract any readers, or comments, or links. But put this content on a Facebook wall and there’s an implicit social contract in place to motivate the people you know to click a like button, or leave a nice comment in the anticipation that you’ll do the same.

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It’s a beautiful thing.

Replied to Final Portfolio: EDU 106 by Kate (Life Chapter by Chapter)

The fact that I now have a place where I can do that, where I can publish my thoughts whenever I want in a place open for people to read and to not be afraid of doing so, is liberating. I’ve always wanted a space online to call my own. I’m so tired of all the endless perfection I see on social media. My space, Life Chapter by Chapter is real. It’s me, personified by a website. And though this post is not digitally enhanced in any way, I love it because it’s representative of the bottom line of what I’ve learned in EDU 106. I’m my own person on this site, I’m not defined by Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I can post what I want, when I want, how I want. It’s a beautiful thing.

A student describes the experience of creating a web presence not encumbered by a social media silo.

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