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River Road between Skillman (Blue Spring Road) and Princeton (toward Kingston). We lost power on Monday night around 6PM. It was returned around 9 PM on Wednesday.

Broken homes and flooded roads

Torrential rains, gusty winds and melting snow conspired to turn Somerset County and the surrounding counties in NJ into a disaster zone on Saturday. We lost electrical power on Saturday afternoon and spent the night listening to howling winds and horizontal rain rip apart trees. We awoke Sunday morning to find a felled tree had…

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Winter Snow Storm II—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/8.0, ISO100

Winter Snow Storm II

It snow again this week and Bhavna took the kids out back for some sledding fun. Uncharacteristically, Kiran took to it immediately. This is the most fun she has ever had in the snow. Of course Shaan was Mr. Frost as usual. [caption id="attachment_45629" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] I love this! —Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3…

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Winter Snow storm I—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/4.0, ISO100

Winter Snow storm I

We were digging out while the kids had some fun with the snow. They made snow men, snow angels and snow balls. Actually most Shaan and I made snow balls and threw at everyone else. Kiran did not like that. [caption id="attachment_45622" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Stop it! —Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 21 mm, f/4.8, ISO100[/caption]…

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