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SMC Pentax-A 50mm F2

Film Photography

34 Year Old Kodak T-MAX Negatives

I was bored. There wasn't anything on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Apple TV or Hulu or HBO Max that I wanted to watch. To distract my mind from boredom I rummage throuugh a set of negatives from my early early college days with 35mm film photography. When I was in college, the chemistry for developing 35mm colour film was expensive. As a student on a limited budget, black and white photography was an attractive option. I had access to…

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Experience Reports Film Photography

Adox SCALA 160

sliding door, plant, room

NOTE: I’ll begin this experience report with a brief disclaimer. It’s been less than three years since I returned to shooting 35mm film after switching to digital photography over 20 years ago. I’ve inundated myself with as much film education as possible between web articles and advice from experienced film shooters. But, since my prior experience with film is decades old, this review is from a rather novice point of view. In January, I put a 24-exposure roll of ADOX…

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