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Point-and-Shoot Cameras are Dead

The article started strong (the virtues of Point-and-Shoot cameras) but then went sideways with a feature list that seems silly when compared to a smartphone. With exception to sensor size, the smartphone checks ALL of the boxes in Take's feature list.

  • The smartphone is compact, light, stylish (hundreds of cases and other items to add bling), and FUN.
  • Current smartphone models have OIS/IBIS (but my Fuji X-T2 does not?).
  • A lens cap is not needed on a smartphone.
  • I read "large sensor (at least 1? but preferably APS-C) as "make the camera bulkier than a smartphone."
  • The selfie was invented on the smartphone.
  • The smartphone app market has no dearth of photography and mapping apps.
  • The photography workflow starts and ends on the device taking the photo -- the smartphone.

Imagine being able to take a photograph on your p&s camera, process it with built-in LR, and then post it directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter via your smartphone?

For the vast majority of people, the smartphone is a Point-and-Shoot camera.. They are doing these things already. But since we are "crazy" with requirements for this new type of Point-and-Shoot camera, I will add a requirement of my own.

  • The camera needs to be small enough to fit in the back pocket of my jeans.

... the XF10 is a great little p&s camera for an old school snap-shooter like myself,

The cheese has moved. It's no longer in the frame. I think the camera Take described above, and the traditional point-n-shoot camera has no chance of financial success.

Whoops, Wrong Camera

I don’t normally give a hoot when someone says their smartphone camera takes great photos. Photography can be subjective and if the person is happy with the results, then I’m not one to suggest otherwise. But I’ve had more than a few moments where some at a public event or outing asks me why I have my “big” camera? Why not use a smartphone.

It’s hard to explain to them that while the smartphones have improved that quite often they can’t capture the photo I want. They are really snap shot cameras. They capture the moment, but I know I could do better. So yeah, sometimes I walk around with a more capable camera.