Other Half Brewing Co. Short, Dark & Handsome

I am in drinking Short, Dark & Handsome by Other Half Brewing Co., a Micro Brewery in Brooklyn. Short, Dark & Handsome is an Stout - American, with an ABV of 7.4 and IBU of 30. I gave this beer a 3.75 on Untappd’s 5 point rating system.


Big, smooth and malty. Hopped with UK Fuggles and East Kent Goldings


Excerpt from a short nostalgic piece by Stuart M. Perkins

The old man led us to the checkout counter but I still saw no sunscreen. Using his cane again, he stooped to reach down behind the cash register and lifted up an old knapsack, obviously his own, and opened it on the counter. He dug inside removing a frayed wallet, rusty keys, and a tiny old notebook before saying “Yep, got it.” With a smile he produced a large tube, told me there was plenty to cover both kids, and handed me the last of his very own sunscreen.

Source: Small Town Ways