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Insecure Software

The Reason Software Remains Insecure (Daniel Miessler)
When we start having complete internet outages, businesses being knocked offline for days or weeks and going out of business, and—most importantly—large numbers of people dying, then we’ll see a serious push for secure software.

Until then, quickly developed, quickly deployed, and insecure code will continue to perform the role of miracle worker for human civilization. And it will continue to be welcomed into business and society because of the problems that it solves.

Don’t expect change until we see the downside start to rival the upside. And it’s currently not even close.

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Infosec Skills Gap

trees, bench, park, princeton, skill [exif id="24333"] Ricoh Danielson is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and founder of (Fortitude Tech LLC). Problem statement: There is a huge demand for infosec professionals but at the same time, many aspiring security personnel are unemployed and left to the wind due to the fact that employers and companies don’t…