Local network services for IoT devices could be a game changer by Johannes Ernst

The next question then becomes: just what local network services? What’s the architecture going to look like so we can grow a big industry ecosystem around it, all without screwing the users? I don’t think anybody has all the answers yet, but this is going in the right direction! I will have some more thoughts in a future post.

Sounds great. Currently, poor security is the bane of IoT devices. I would suggest the industry put all effort into efforts to improved security and privacy features of their products. Security is the number one reason I am reluctant to have internet accessible devices in my home.

Does restricting IoT traffic to the local network mean we lose the ability to leverage the analytics or the analytics become too simplistic to be useful? Will the majority of consumers, the mass market of consumers who we need to make any product category viable, want or need to have a mini data centre in the home to manage all of this? I don’t know.

Security vs Usability by Nitin Khanna (Nitin Khanna)

99% of security is just keeping your eyes open.

Maybe. Maybe not.

I always update macOS, iOS, tvOS, whenever a security update is available, and my three Linux servers on a weekly basis. I have never had an update go wrong. To me (and many security professionals), convenience is the enemy of security.

But of course, you know what I do for a living. So maybe my advice to always, always, perform the security update for personal devices will be ignored. Fifteen years of experience and knowledge will count for nothing with people like Stephen Pieper.

I’ve got a wife and kids and elderly parents and elderly parents-in-law. I’ve got people to protect.

To quote David Halberstam writing about political leaders,

They were brilliant and they were fools.

Do you think that companies like Equifax and Yahoo should be as nonchalant about security updates?