Web Application Firewall Summary

The Firewall Summary shows the number of attacks on this website that the web application firewall recently blocked. The summary includes three types of attacks: Complex Attacks, Brute Force Attacks and Blacklist blocks. A complex attack is when a visitor requests the website that is specifically crafted to exploit the site or find a vulnerability…

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Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace App GlobalSign Root CA post upgrade to Catalina Beta (Discussions)

macOS 10.15 Catalina was released yesterday. Apple provided a warning (June 2019) about important new security requirements for TLS server certificates in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15. Citrix, which offers enterprise software for Mac and Windows, didn't get the memo or were just asleep at the wheel. After installing Catalina, I started getting errors about…

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Deepfake Audio Technology Is a Real Threat to Enterprise Security

Why Deepfake Audio Technology Is a Real Threat to Enterprise Security (Security Intelligence)

According to Axios, deepfake audio technology has already begun wreaking havoc on the business world, as threat actors use the tech to impersonate CEOs. Symantec has reported three successful audio attacks on private companies that involved a call from the “CEO” to a senior financial officer requesting an urgent money transfer. Just imagine how an incident like this would affect your company.

Time to start thinking about mitigation.

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Local network services for IoT devices

Local network services for IoT devices could be a game changer by Johannes Ernst

The next question then becomes: just what local network services? What’s the architecture going to look like so we can grow a big industry ecosystem around it, all without screwing the users? I don’t think anybody has all the answers yet, but this is going in the right direction! I will have some more thoughts in a future post.

Sounds great. Currently, poor security is the bane of IoT devices. I would suggest the industry put all effort into efforts to improved security and privacy features of their products. Security is the number one reason I am reluctant to have internet accessible devices in my home. Does restricting IoT traffic to the local network…

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