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Latte at Rojo's Roastery

Rojo's Roastery It’s been a few weeks since I visited are Rojo's Roastery. When I work locally it’s easy to develop relationships with local businesses. It's harder when I can drop in only once during the week and on the weekend. When I worked locally - several years ago - Rojo's and By The Cup in Rocky Hill was on my daily routine. Stop in, grab a latte, continue to the office. Sometimes, on my lunch hour, I would drive…

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Best Photo of the Week

I got a call from the Princeton Acura dealership earlier this week. The airbag in wife’s 2013 RDX was recalled; part of the Takata airbag re-call from a few years ago. I cheated with the service representative and agreed that we would bring the car in on Saturday morning around 8 AM. My wife is not an early rise, so I volunteered to do it. It will be still dark outside when I woke up. I went downstairs to make…

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