Raw Power

There’s always a car analogy when talking about computers … and software is the fuel in this analogy. You can have an astoundingly powerful, astoundingly energy-efficient engine that makes the car reach 300 km/h in 2 seconds. But without fuel, the car won’t go anywhere. ~ Raw power alone is not enough by Riccardo Mori

I am so looking forward to my Mac Studio.

It's a well-written article, but I have one quibble.

It’s a maddening scenario: with their unnecessarily tight restrictions in the name of security (theatre), with their capricious and petty App review checkpoints, Apple seems to be actively obstructing innovation in software.

The minute after Apple relaxes its controls, the bad actors will make haste to exploit the situation, and the technology journalist will make a mint on clickbait "Apple security sucks" articles.