Is It Time for an Data Sharing Clearinghouse for Internet Researchers?

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I think we are all making to much of this. To my knowledge, Facebook has not violated any laws in the USA. We (the collective we) agreed to operate on their terms. And we've done it for many years. It seems many are no longer happy with the arrangement. Perhaps it's time we negotiated a new agreement.

But there is definitely some benefit to the collection and use of social interaction and personal data for limited purposes. Let's enable those.

Bionic pancreas

BBC NEWS | Health | Artificial pancreas for diabetics
The main stumbling block in the development of an artificial pancreas has been mathematical: no-one has perfected a computer programme sophisticated enough to work out the right dose of insulin at any moment of the day.

Interesting research being done in the UK using CGM and insulin pumps to create a kind of artificial pancreas.

"For an artificial pancreas you need a brain. The human body has a very clever way of working out exactly how much insulin the body needs, and we are only just beginning to understand that." -- Dr Roman Hovorka, from the University of Cambridge

Where did all my islets go?

This is quite exciting research. Perhaps this will lead to better glucometers and insuling pumps.

Technology Review: Detecting Cell Loss in Diabetes
A novel molecular tracer could help doctors track the loss of insulin-producing cells in diabetes. Such a tool would allow both doctors and drug developers to better assess the effectiveness of new treatments. It could also shed light on the disease by allowing scientists to correlate loss of insulin-producing cells with diabetes symptoms for the first time.

"If we could see cell loss early, perhaps we could get patients started on therapy before there is irreversible damage," says Dan Skovronsky, founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, the company that is developing the marker.