Sunday Paper

Pastor Drew Downs asks whether we could build a wall around the United States.

We’ve already built a wall. Not the best wall. Not a wall another country has paid for. We haven’t built a literal wall.
We’ve built our wall of isolation. Entrenched ourselves, and dug in for perpetual war.
We took a moment of terror and became the bull in a china shop stung by a bee. And we take the wrath of God to the rest of the world as we see fit.
We’ve built a wall.

Chase Jarvis finally reveals what happened behind the scenes with Best Camera and the lessons learned from his experience.

What it comes down to is this: The first time you do something, it’s super hard. You’ll probably eff it up. The second or third time, you may be able to get it right on the first try. That’s just reality. It’s practice. Repetition breeds skill. Repetition breeds skill. Repetition breeds skill. So when you do inevitably faceplant, pick yourself up, brush off the dirt, and don’t make the same mistake twice.
- Chase Jarvis